We ask of the European Union

We ask the European Union and Head of Missions:

  • Designate the Israeli settler group, Price Tag, as a terrorist organization, banning their leaders from entering Europe.
  • Prevent EU regions from funding Israeli NGOs based or located in illegal Israeli settlements.
  • Use all available influence and pressure to stop the Israeli right wing incitements against Palestinians.
  • Urge the Israeli government to immediately lift military restrictions in Tel Rumeida, including the YAS Center.
  • Support Palestinian Human Rights Defenders in accordance with EU guidelines.
  • Consider H2 Hebron areas to be Area C in terms of developments projects.
  • Exert pressure on the Israeli government to reopen Shuhada Street and Hebron markets closed since 1994.
  • Demand that the Israeli government return the bodies of the Palestinians killed since October 1, 2015.
  • Demand an impartial international investigation into suspected extrajudicial execution killings of Palestinians by the Israeli military. 
  • Exert pressure on the Palestinian Authority to give increased political support to Hebron.
Youth Against Settlements