Hebron Defenders

YAS volunteer talking with a teacher on Shuhada Street after an attack.

On a daily basis Palestinians are exposed to harassment, threats, and attacks by illegal Israeli settlers and the Israeli Army. In Hebron, these attacks have reached an appalling high frequency. Because of the unique situation in Hebron, Palestinian are forced to live in the same neighborhoods as illegal Israeli settlers and the Israeli military.

Israeli Security forces have failed to fulfill their obligations under international law to maintain public order and to protect Palestinians and their property from acts of violence committed by Israeli settlers. The acts of violence often occur even within the presence and acknowledgement of Israeli forces.

Youth Against Settlements aim to provide security for Palestinians civilians in Hebron by confronting and fighting injustice and the lack of law enforcement through Hebron Defenders.

Hebron Defender’s main actions:

  • Staying with families during attacks
  • Putting pressure on IDF – Israeli Defense Forces
  • Inform the public about the settlers actions through media attenion
  • Send international volunteers for protective presence