Olive Harvest

Volunteers from YAS helping with picking olives.

The olive harvest is an ancient familiar activity that Palestinian families have done generation after generation . Normally, the harvest is during the months of October and November, before the raining season and the cold winter.

The importance of the Olive Harvest

The olive oil is one of the most consumed products among Palestinian society and, a big part of it’s production and consumption are done inside the families. The olive trees and the lands are caring, harvesting and inherited throw generations. Year after year the olive trees gives the olive oil that all the family will consume until the next harvest.

The occupation and the harvest

Although the activity has been done year after year, since the occupation is not that easy to do this basic activity. A lot of families they need to demand special permissions to the Israeli Military Administration in order to do the harvest and, most of them are only during 30 days, which makes more problems as normally the families need almost two month to finish the picking. Moreover, the settlers frequently attacks the olive trees by burning them and throwing stones to the ones that are picking.

The importance of Hebron Olive Harvest

One of the most old palestinian olive trees are located in Hebron. Planted since the Roman period, each tree is as a member of the family. Each of them could take days to be picked if the harvest is not done with several people. With hundreds of years on their backs, this olive trees have seen different situations and, thousands walked throw them and had a rest under their shadow.

Nowadays, the trees are imprisoned by hundred of soldiers and settlers which aims are to private the palestinian from their millennial trees. Since the Hebron Protocol, all the trees located in Tel Rumeida are inside H2 area, totally under military control.

It is important to support the Palestinian Olive Harvest in general and, the Hebron one in particular as during the picking groups of settlers and soldiers are walking arround, sometimes harassing the Palestinians. The picking is done by the few families at the area, with most of their members in old ages so the help for them is very important.

For all this reasons supporting the families in their Olive Harvest is a way of standing on their side with the Palestinian familiar economy and resistance.