Samidon Campaign

YAS volunteers cleaning a garden for a family in H2.

Youth Against Settlements want to encourages all Palestinian to stay on their legally owned land, especially in area H2 which is most affected by the occupation, by providing support and help to the families living there.

One way of resisting the occupation and the expanding of settlements is to stay samidon, the arabic word for steadfast. It is the name of the campaign and refers to all the families who decide to stay in their generational-owned family houses and lands despite facing serious difficulties.

Since Illegal Israeli settlers began settling in the city center of Hebron, the local Palestinian population has faced increasing freedom of movement restrictions, attacks and harassment by settlers and the Israeli army. The ability for palestinians to make necessary renovations in their homes, install new appliances, transport furniture and materia to their homes for needed constructions has also been severely restricted.


The Samidon’s main actions are:

  • Plumbing work
  • Fixing Electricity
  • Blacksmith Work
  • Painting Walls
  • Building Protection Fences
  • Raising media attention for their situation
  • Any other needed support