Announcing 7th Annual OPEN Shuhada St Campaign (22-28/02/2016).


We are very excited to announce the upcoming

7th Annual Open Shuhada St. Campaign from February19-28, 2016.

Open Shuhada Street Campaign is a Palestinian-led local and international nonviolent campaign to protest against the measures of closure and separation in Hebron, started in 2010 by Youth Against Settlements (YAS). Activists and organizations in Palestine and from around the world join together around February 25 in solidarity with the Palestinian residents of Hebron, demanding

  • the implementation of international law and human rights in Hebron
  • An end to the closure of Hebron’s city center and the re-opening Shuhada Street to all people
  • An end to the separation regime in Hebron
  • In end of the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land

To this end, in combination with legal action to re-open Shuhada Street, Open Shuhada Street Campaign mobilizes locally and internationally for nonviolent direct actions.

Organize an Open Shuhada Street action for your campus or town

Go to our Open Shuhada Street Campaign page for ideas and materials.

Open Shuhada Street.