Press Release: Closed Military Zone Order Extended Through January 31, 2016

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Closed Military Zone Order Extended Through January 31, 2016 for Shuhada Street and Tel Rumeida Neighborhood in Hebron: Human Rights Activist, Issa Amro and Youth Against Settlements Organization Targeted

January 3, 2016. On January 2, 2016 the Israeli Military released documents and a map showing that it will continue to maintain a closed military zone over Shuhada Street and the Tel Rumeida Neighborhood in Hebron. The closed military zone includes the house of human rights activist, Issa Amro. Amro’s house acts as a center for the Youth Against Settlements (YAS) organization.

On November 1, 2015, the Israeli military declared Shuhada Street and much of the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron to be a closed military zone, meaning that only registered residents of the neighborhoods may enter. On December 12, the Israeli military arrived at Amro’s house/YAS center with documents that the closed military zone had been extended to cover Amro’s house/YAS center and some of the fields behind.

On January 2, 2016 the military arrived with a new map showing the original closed military zone of Shuhada Street and much of the Tel Rumeida neighborhood, with an extension reaching out just far enough to include Amro’s house/YAS center (see map below). The map no longer included the field beyond the Amro’s house/YAS center, but instead reached just to Amro’s house/YAS center.

The map and closed military zone order, reaching just up to Amro’s house/YAS center, show that Amro and the YAS organization are being directly targeted in an attempt to shut down nonviolent human rights work in Hebron. Since late September 2015, the YAS center has been raided twice by the Israeli military. Numerous YAS activists, including YAS spokesperson Mohammed Zoghour, 16-year-old Ahmad Azzeh, and Issa Amro, have arrested and/or detained. Declaring Amro’s house/YAS center a closed military means that no media or international observers may enter the center. Amro is concerned that they military will attempt to close the center permanently.




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