Al Hadad Family

Location: Tel Romeida
Members of household: 9
Abu Talel lives with and his wife Suha, their four sons, and two daughters. They have one other daughter who is married and lives in Hebron.

Abu Talel works from home. He makes shoes that he then sells to a company based in H1. The two eldest sons work in Jericho and return home every two weeks. The middle daughter has finished her studies in engineering and now stays at home, and the two youngest sons and youngest daughter are still in school.

They family has lived in this house for 10 years. Before, they were living on Wadi al Huriya in H1. They decided to move into H2 because the rent of the previous house in H1 was too expensive. The owners of their current house had left because life in the area had become too difficult — two of their sons had been injured by soldiers. The al Hadad family moved into this house to protect it in 2002. The army wanted it. For their first 4 months in their new home, soldiers occupied the house. At night the soldiers would sometimes force all of the family into one room. However when the army realised that the family was not going to move away, they abandoned the house and installed security cameras on the roof instead. The soldiers say that the camera is there to watch over the settlers, but Suha states that it is in fact there to watch over the Palestinians.

They tell of the difficult life in Tel Rumeida. The army comes to the house on average twice a week to check the camera. They usually bang violently on the door and often come in the middle of the night. The family is also harassed by settlers. In 2006, settlers broke the hand of their son Ahmad when he was only 13 years old. His eye and head were injured too. The family’s house has also undergone many attacks by the settlers, although things are a bit better now than during the Intifada. Many times the settlers have actually come into the house, and many times they threw stones at it. And every time, the police did nothing. Suha says that they have many stories, enough to fill a whole notebook! But most importantly, Suha was pregnant and lost her baby twins because of the settlers.

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