Join us for a of week of #OpenShuhadaSt events in Hebron and 26 February MASS DEMONSTRATION

Media Advisory

Week of events and MASS DEMONSTRATION to Commemorate Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre and #OpenShuhadaSt

From 20 February – 26 February Youth Against Settlements will host events in Hebron will commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the Ibrahimi Mosque, when Israeli settler, Baruch Goldstein, opened fire in the Ibrahimi mosque, murdering 29 worshipers. Events during the week will include press conferences, photo exhibitions, film screenings, memorials and more. The week will culminate Friday 26 February with a mass demonstration of thousands of people demanding the opening Shuhada Street to all people.

Since the Ibrihimi mosque massacre, Shuhada Street has been almost entirely closed to Palestinians. Once a major marketplace and thoroughfare, Shuhada Street is now a virtual ghost town. Palestinians face strangling restrictions, checkpoints, arbitrary arrests, and vicious attacks by illegal settlers and the Israeli military.

Week Long Schedule:

  • Satuday 20 February 11:00 AM press conference and memorial for Hadeel Hadshlom – Shuhada Street Entrance
  • Sunday 21 February 11:00 AM photo exhibition and painting – Shuhada Street Entrance
  • Monday 22 February all day photo exhibition – Shuhada Street Entrance
  • Monday 22 February 5:00 PM film screening Settlers on the Roof – YAS center, Tel Rumeida
  • Tuesday 23 February 4:00 PM cultural event – Shuhada Street Entrance
  • Wednesday 24 February 11:00 AM candle lighting and film screening – Alsalayhah neighborhood
  • Thursday 25 February 11:00 AM Ibrahimi mosque massacre memorial ceremony – Shuhada Street Entrance
  • Friday 26 February 11:00 AM Demonstration to open Shuhada Street – Nemreh mosque

For more information, contact Issa Amro 970599340549..