Mass Demonstration in Hebron to Open Shuhada Street


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26 February 2016. Youth Against Settlements marked the 22nd anniversary of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre march to demand the opening of Shuhada Street to Palestinians. Around 300 people attended the demonstration through the streets of Hebron until it was violently broken up by Israeli forces.

Lawyer, Faried Alatrash, and journalist, Mohammad Jardat, were arrested. Around 50 people were injured when soldiers fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets at the crowd. The soldiers also tear-gassed a number of houses, targeting innocent onlookers. Mofed Alshrabte, an activist with Youth Against Settlements suffered an injury to his leg when a soldier threw a sound grenade which exploded on his shin.

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The unarmed demonstrators chanted for the reopening of Shuahda Street, ending the closure of the city of Hebron, and the removal of settlers from the city. Other chants expressed solidarity with Mohamed Al-Qiq who is on his 94th day of hunger strike. The aim of the demonstration was to re-open Shuhada Street, closed to Palestinians since 1994.

The event in Hebron on Friday was only one of many activities taking place as part of a wider campaign across the world, including Germany, Denmark, Italy, America, UK, and more. The Annual Global Day of Action to Open Shuhada Street commemorates 22 years since the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre.

Youth Against Settlements is a politically unaffiliated national youth movement working to end the Occupation and to dismantle settlements through non-violent community action. For more information