YAS Protests settler invasion of homes in Hebron’s old city

12493518_10153175120136829_915306829972219883_oYouth Against Settlements organized a protest against settlers’ invasion of Palestinian houses in the old city of Hebron. The invasion happened yesterday for the purpose of extending the Israeli settlements there. The volunteers of YAS, the owners of the occupied houses, and tens of other people went out in a protest that went from Ali Albakka mosque to Ebn Rushd square. The owners of the occupied houses deny the claims that the settlers bought the houses. They confirmed they are still the owners and that they will not allow the settlers to occupy their houses and turn them into settlements. Mohammad Zughayer, the media spokesperson of YAS, has said that YAS organized this protest as a reaction to the settlers occupying the Palestinian houses. Zughayer confirmed that the actions of YAS will continue to defend Hebron, especially through the international campaign that calls to reopen Shuhada Street and expel the settlers from Hebron. Zughayer has disproved the claims that settlers bought the houses they invaded, like in the case of the Alnazer and Abu Rajab families who could later disprove the settlers’ claims and prove that international law does not allow for the settlers to buy houses in the occupied country. Zughayer has said that Netanyahu is trying open the way for settlers to occupy Palestinian houses as a political tactic to remain the president of Israel. Abeer Zatari, the owner of the house that was occupied, has denied the settlers’ claims that they bought the house, and he confirms that they still own it and will not give it up to the settlers. Abbeer has confirmed that the family will continue the legal procedures to disprove the settlers’ claims after the Israeli police has evacuated the settlers from the house. YAS and the families of Tel Rumeida and Shuhada Street still continue the sit-in tent in front of the Shuhada Street checkpoint. The sit-in demands the removal of the checkpoint and an end to the closed military zone in the area of Tel Rumeida and Shuhada Street. They also demand fair procedures for the treatment of Palestinian families when the army enters their houses. a Yesterday, the settlers occupied two houses that belong to the Al Zatari family. Today, the Israeli police evacuated the settlers from the houses, but until now the family still cannot enter them..